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Aussie Precast Products have been manufacturing and distributing quality precast products on the NSW South Coast from the Victorian Boarder in the South to Sydney in the North and surrounding areas in the West for over 34 years.

Our dedicated staff are on hand to assist and advise in all aspects of installation of septic systems and aerated wastewater systems, and your needs with our wide range of rural products including:

septic tanks

Septic Tanks & Collection Wells

wastewater treatment

Aerated Wastewater Treatment Systems

water storage tanks

Water Storage Tanks

concrete bunker

Concrete Bunkers

stock troughs

Stock Troughs

cattle grids

Cattle Grids

concrete bunker

A Range of Other Smaller Products

At Aussie we use minimum 40 mpa high strength concrete with steel reinforcing or fibermesh in our products to ensure optimum strength and durability during product lifetime. We also offer truck crane hire at a competitive rate. Ideal for building sites/rural or hard to access sites, for larger cranes.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more product information or special one-off orders.


Domestic septic systems generally fall into three different categories, as stipulated by your local council, depending on soil types, available area for absorption and sensitivity of the area. These are usually confirmed by a geotechnican, in accordance with council guidelines.
  • Septic Tank with absorption trenches.
  • Septic Tank connected to Collection Wells for approved contractor pumpout.
  • An onsite domestic wastewater Treatment System. 
We are agents for ’Bioseptic’ a compact two tank sewage treatment plant, that produces clear odourless water to irrigate your garden.
We manufacture a wide range of Septic Tanks and Collection Wells, to suit local Council requirements in different areas for different size dwellings. We are fully accredited with “NSW Department of Health” for our whole product range of septic tanks and collection wells. We are also fully licensed for Product Certification as a Quality Assured Product in line with the Australian StandardsMark.
All our septic tanks come standard with baffles, sealed lids, inlet and outlet fittings, caps and access lids. We generally try to work in with your drainage contractor or builder as to excavation timing so we can place the tank directly into the prepared hole, ready for backfilling. The hole should be at least 200mm wider than the tank diameter for ease of craning in. The base should be level and screeded with fine soil or sand, and the depth of the hole should allow for the tank to protrude 100mm higher than the surrounding finished ground level to stop surface water runoff entering the tank.
As our tanks are watertight they can float like concrete boats (after heavy rain) if the hole is not backfilled or the tank is not filled with water. When backfilling, no sharp rocks or stones should be used so no damage occurs to the tank wall or inlet and outlet pipework. Where pedestrian traffic could fall into the hole, safety barriers should be erected by the builder or contractor around the excavated area, the barrier will be repositioned (if taken down) by us for access/to place the tanks.
septic plans
Click the Plan to open a printable PDF
squat septic or collection well
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As a rough guide our Septic Tank range can be used as follows:
Tank No 1 - Our ‘3050’ - Capacity 3,050 Litres
This is our smallest septic tank and can manage up to a 3 bedroom dwelling.
Tank No 2 - Our ‘3500’ - Capacity 3,500 Litres
This tank can adequately manage a 3 to 4 bedroom domestic dwelling with 2 bathrooms.
Tank No 3 - Our ‘4600’ - Capacity 4,600 Litres
This tank can adequately manage larger dwellings.
Tank No 4 - Our ‘Squat 3550’ - Capacity 3,550 Litres
This is a shallow tank, as the name suggests (950mm) which can be used in areas of solid rock or high water table areas where standard deeper tanks and not suitable.
Absorption Trenches - If approved by local council, length of absorption trench varies between councils. The absorption trench needs to be located below the septic tank so the greywater can flow into it.
Collection Wells - If approved by local council, the greywater flows from the septic tank directly into the collection well (or wells) depending on volume required, Council will advise on minimum holding capacity needed. This greywater is then pumped out on a regular basis by an approved contractor. The installation and guidelines are the same as for septic tanks, the main difference being there is no baffle installed and no outlet.


Aussie Precast Products are agents for ‘BioSeptic’ Wastewater Systems. BioSeptic is well-known for providing quality environmental and economical wastewater systems.


The BioSeptic system is a compact sewage treatment plant, which treats and recycles wastewater directly on the property. It safely processes all household wastewater and recycles clear odourless water to irrigate the garden.
The BioSeptic process begins when all wastewater from the kitchen, toilets, bathrooms and laundry drains into the septic tank. The solid waste settles in the septic tank and naturally occurring anaerobic bacteria slowly break it down.
The wastewater overflows into the aeration tank where air is diffused into two separate aeration chambers to create aerobic bacteria. These quick acting bacteria reduce the sewage to carbon dioxide and water. Because aerobic bacteria breathe oxygen there is no odour. Finally, a small amount of chlorine is added to kill any pathogens that have survived the aeration process. The treated water is then suitable to irrigate the garden.
septic plans
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Testing for Accreditation by the Department of Health, NSW, showed that the Performa removed:
  • 97% of the organic waste 
  • 98% of the suspended solids
  • 99.9% of the faecal coliforms 
  • 80% of the ammonia


There are four models of wastewater systems, all 100% Australian designed and manufactured. These systems are extremely reliable and made of highest quality materials.
Performa (2000Litres/Day)
This is our most popular system, and the one most people need. It is accredited by NSW Health for an average home treating up to 2000 litres per day.
This is the ideal system to treat wastewater from dual occupancies.
This system is perfect for treating wastewater from larger facilities with fluctuating wastewater loads e.g. conference centres, small school, camping grounds. It is a three tank system.
Treats wastewater from developments such as schools, malls, resorts this is also a three tank system.


We stock a range of concrete water tanks up to 10,000 litres capacity. We also manufacture water the Aussie Rainsafes’ Re-use systems. All of our tanks can be buried in the ground, which keeps the water cool and the tank out of sight, which is especially important in small backyards where space is at a premium, and never a problem in fire-prone areas. Our water tanks come standard with inspection hatch in the lid, and an inlet and outlet.


Our ‘Aussie Rainsafe Systems’ come in two sizes. 10,000 litres and 5,000 litres The ‘Rainsafe’ allows collection of rainfall from the roof to be stored in ground or above ground to be reused in the household for normal non potable water use.
Tank Specifications:
  • Manufactured in concrete with pedestrian lids 
  • All tanks made to AS 1546.1:1998 specifications 
  • Tanks available in 5,000 litres and 10,000 litres 
  • All tanks have 100mm minimum air gap
water tank
water tank


Rainsafes come in two different sizes: 5,000 litres and 10,000 litres
They are fitted with a Claytech Rainsub 45 which is a submersible pump that is installed inside the rainwater tank. It has a built-in constant flow switch giving you pressure as soon as you turn on the tap.
Other components included in the Aussie Rainsafe System are:
  • Non-return valve
  • Mains top up float system
  • First flush kit – volume calculated to roof area
  • Mains pressure flow reducer
  • Constant flow switch and mains top up float system conveniently located in concrete top box
  • All components installed ready to be connected by plumber and electrician.


Regular maintenance is essential to ensure consistent water quality. Maintenance of the Rainsafe Tank and the quality of the water supplied from the tank is the responsibility of the owner. The procedures undertaken should be primarily be to keep all components clean to minimize the risk of water contamination. Therefore the rainwater collection areas inlet screens and first flush devices should be checked regularly for build up of rubbish.
water tank
Our Range of Sizes
Litres Diameter Height
3,150 1750 1930
4,200 1930 1945
5,100 1930 2300
5,500 3200 950
10,000 3200 1700

Download Plans & Specifications for the Aussie Rainsafe Re-Use Systems 


 According to Rural Fire Services, conditions are looking serious for next summer’s fire season. Residents who live in fire-prone areas need to be prepared! People need to have a fire plan – stay or leave. If they decide to stay they need somewhere to have a chance to survive while the fury of the inferno passes. Radiant heat is the deadliest element of a bushfire. When the fire front arrives, seeking appropriate shelter is critical to survival as radiant heat cannot penetrate solid structures.
Aussie Precast Products have been inundated with enquiries for concrete bunkers after the horrific 2009 bushfires in Victoria.
We have designed and manufactured a concrete bunker and are busy filling orders from local areas such as Brogo, Wyndham, Moruya and some as far as Jindabyne.
  • Manufacturing takes place in our yard at Cobargo. 
  • Walls, floor and roof are .110mm thickness, 40mpa reinforced concrete. 
  • Joints fully sealed with fire ban sealant. 
  • 2 hour rated fire door. 
concrete bunker
concrete bunker
  • Bunker Assembled Onsite. 
  • All Joints Sealed With Fireban One Silicone To As1530 Pt4, As4072pt1, Bs476 Pt20 Standards
  • Level Site To Be Prepared By Owner
  • Good Access Needed For Crane Truck


DOOR SIZE (opening approx): 1500mm x 600mm
The bunker is assembled onsite, onto a level prepared area, good access is needed for our crane truck. Assembly time usually takes around 3 hours. We recommend incorporating the bunker into the landscape, preferably into the side of a bank or hill.
Suggestion: The bunker could be used as an ideal storage area, with shelving added, for all your fire-fighting equipment such as shovels, rakes, protective clothing, filtered breathing masks, fire blankets, helmets, buckets, torches etc. If you decide not to stay it would be an ideal storage space for documents, family photos and treasured possessions.
concrete bunker
Click image to download the Brochure



Open-ended feed lot rough, ideal for silage, grain or hay. 3m long 1.2m wide .530m high. Manufacture from high strength reinforced concrete.
Our range of stock troughs are made of high strength 40mpa reinforced concrete. Tough enough to stand the test of time. They do not melt in a fire, blow away in the wind or go brittle overtime. They are proven to have less algae build-up as the water temperature remains cooler.
stock trough
stock trough
Stock troughs should be placed on a bed of sand or fine soil screeded flat and level. All standard troughs come with top quality brass fittings. The brass fittings are fitted in the mould before pouring. Standard troughs also have a 50mm drain hole with brass plug supplied.
A large range of different Float Valves are available at your local rural store. 
Our brass inlet fittings have threads both inside and outside the trough for ease of fitting any type of Float Valve.
Product Dimensions
Our 400 400 Litre Capacity, 1.1 mt diameter, 600mm height, 420kg weight, 1” inlet
Our 700 700 Litre Capacity, 1.5 mt diameter, 550mm height, 540kg weight, 1” inlet
Our 2500 2,500 Litre Capacity, 2.5 mt diameter, 650mm height, 1.45ton weight, 1½” inlet
Our 1600 t 1600 Litre Capacity, 2.4 mt length, 1.2 mt width, 750mm height, 1.2ton weight, 1” inlet
Our Long Line Water Trough 750 Litre Capacity, 3.0 mt length, 770mm width, 600mm height, 1.2ton weight, 1½” inlet
Our Long Line Feed Trough Open ended with ends available, bolt-on rail fence available, slots for forklift, 3.0 mt length, 770mm width, 600mm height, 750 Litre Capacity


We manufacture a range of cattle grids. We deliver and can position directly where it needs to go with our crane truck, if the area has been prepared and we have good site access. The grid comes as a complete unit, ready for installation. The galvanized capping on the edge of the concrete base prevents tyre damage. They are suitable for on-farm use, e.g. grazing properties where traffic consists of medium tractors, milk tankers, stock floats.

All our grids come standard with:

  • Duragal steel construction (mild steel not recommended in coastal areas)
  • Duragal steel with or without winged sides with infill triangle—needed for stock security
  • Fully engineered, 40mpa high strength steel reinforced, precast concrete base with galvanized capping and hold down bolts
Our standard cattle grid is designed to carry 10 ton per axle load limit. 
Our heavy duty cattle grid is designed to carry 14 ton per axle load limit.
cattle grid

Cattle grids come in two sizes: 

3.4m Wide 2.1m Across 500mm Deep (Depth of excavation needed)
4.0m Wide 2.1m Across 500mm Deep (Depth of excavation needed)

Site Preparation

Always install grid slightly above road surface and build up road surface to the grid. This stops water run-off from the road way entering the grid. If possible it is a good idea to drain the grid, this is not possible in some cases. The grids do not need to be installed level if the road way is not level, in other words follow the slope and grade of the existing road way.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more product information or special one-off orders.

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